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What is ExploCrowd?

ExploCrowd is the future way to explore for oil and gas in Norway: Enabling exploration geologists to do what they are passionate about, through a framework optimized for creativity and value creation.

ExploCrowd offer access to a database of exploration prospects at the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). Through the ExploCrowd Prospect Database we provide upstream companies with a comprehensive set of documentation, which enables fast and reliable decisions. Whether you are targeting the Barents Sea or other areas of the NCS we can provide Ready-to-Drill Prospects created by competent and experienced multi-disciplined explorationists.  It is time to test a different approach to exploration.

The ExploCrowd Database consists of well structured peer review presentations of a prospect, with clear communicated aspects of the risk parameters, as well as  level of confidence. Exploration managers will have the flexibility to select prospects from the ExploCrowd Prospect Database to match a given exploration strategy. For new operators on the NCS this is an excellent and efficient opportunity to build an exploration portfolio.

We also offer maps, studies, interpretations and databases that we use in our prospect development work. These are high-quality geological work, that could provide "a short-cut” for a busy exploration team fighting to reach its goals.

ExploCrowd PROSPECT database

The ExploCrowd Prospect Database consists of Ready-to-Drill Prospects that help oil companies accelerate building their exploration portfolio, by enabling Exploration Managers to select prospects with the best fit to the company’s exploration strategy. With the current financial restraints and tough competition in the oil and gas industry, oil companies will benefit from the flexible and easy access to ExploCrowd’s library of Ready-to-Drill Prospects and associated products.

Our method is based on building prospects based on publicly available data from the Diskos database. We offer a new approach to exploration by combining expertise and in-depth knowledge with the time and flexibility for our experts to deep-dive into geological data without compromise.  Our team of independent, highly competent and experienced explorationists study, condition, interpret and integrate observations from geological and geophysical data from the NCS, building Ready-to-Drill Prospects to be made available for upstream companies in the future.

Each prospect includes the integration of geologic risk assessment and volumetrics estimate based on a best technical estimate, helping upstream companies gain a better understanding of the subsurface in a specific area. The outcome is cost effective and flexible access to valuable information helping oil companies efficiently build their exploration portfolios at low risk and flexible cost.



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As part of building the Prospect Database, we are working on regional projects integrating all required disciplines to form the geological framework for further exploration, especially targeting the yearly APA licensing round and bi-annual Concession Round. We can extend our services and use of expertise internationally, as an Exploration Team


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