Our Values

Our values are trust, integrity and transparency. Here is what they mean to us.



Trust is the basis for everything that we do. This is the basis for how we work in the team, this is how we work with our business partners and clients. If they didn’t trust us to act in their best interest, we would not have the same possibilities that we have today.

Our contributors trust us to commercialise the work that they do for us, and they take the risk because they trust us. In the team, we trust each other and are confident that there is always someone there to have your back, to catch you should you fall. Trust add strength to the team and to the business.

Trust. It takes long time to build it. It takes a second to breach it beyond repair. We are very conscious about this.


In our view, integrity is the most valuable you own as a human being. If you don’t have integrity, and do the right thing, then you have nothing left because no one will trust you again. Those are strong words, but this is important.

Scientific integrity is the basis for our work. Being respectful to others and open minded about other opinions and world views is also part of our core.



Transparency is reflected in the way we document our science, to clearly communicate the detail and highlight the uncertainties. It is also reflected in our every day work, where all information is shared with the team. It takes time and effort to communicate, but it engages and gives direction. If everybody know all that is going on in the business, everyone are empowered to work towards the target, in the best interest of the company and everyone in it. Furthermore, by sharing all information and involve the entire team, you can select from a wide range of ideas and use different opinions to navigate on the best course - make the best decisions.

Transparency is also reflected in the sense that everyone knows what everyone in the Core Team get’s paid. Because it is the same. This enforces the trust and also the integrity, that everyone knows that they are treated equally, fairly and with respect.


How We Work Consciously to use Diversity as a Competitive Advantage

We are convinced that a diverse team is a competitive advantage, and we do all we can to ensure that we don’t think the same way. Diversity to us is difference in experience, mindset, cultural background, age, gender, company cultures and even personality. If we hired people with only one personality type, how would we then be able to look out for all opportunities?

McKinsey also argues and document that companies managed by diverse teams in terms of ethnicity, culture and gender has a 33% higher chance of outperforming companies managed by conformable teams (probably with the same world view and mind set). See documentation below.


The way we do it in practice is to have established a company culture based on respect for people, regardless of cultural background, a company culture that is curious and based on the sound belief that everyone has something to contribute with, being it of scientific nature, but especially also sharing world views based on travels and own experience from the different countries we lived in. With us and our collaboration partners you will find people from many continents; UK, Norway, Iraq, Sweden, Nigeria, Czech Republic, US, Brazil, Russia, Denmark, France, Belgium and Italy.

One of our core values is TRUST, and based on this everyone are encouraged to speak up - especially if they are curious about something, or thinks something is wrong or unfair. Especially if you are young. And everybody in ExploCrowd listens, because they truly care. The immediate result of that is that everything is discussed in the team, it being global politics, history and religion, and this widens horizons and expands mind sets, because we all have something to learn from each other. We all have something to contribute with. This way, hierarchy is avoided to a large extent, and that strengthens the integrity of the organisation further, enabling it to respond to change and opportunities at a faster pace.

We plan to share our learnings, but will need more time to document and measure the performance results over some years. However, the financial results are a good indication that working consciously with diversity and a leadership philosophy optimised for the future, and it is going in the right direction.

If you need inspiration and practical advice to secure diversity in your own organisation, below you will find a description of how an international consultancy handled it.

McKinsey Report: https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/organization/our-insights/delivering-through-diversity

Workforce Case: http://www.workforce.com/2018/07/19/gender-parity-in-the-workplace-is-possible-we-did-it-you-can-too/

How We Work

The way we are organised is that we have a Core Team, Contributors and Strategic Collaboration Partners.

Our Core Team is working in the day-to-day work, handling Data Management and Data Quality Assurance, documenting work done in reports with high quality drafting of figures and seismic interpretation. The Core Team consist mainly of early career geoscientists who learn fast and handle data and software efficiently. They work with the experts, providing data and integrating results, and taking part in all aspects of the business, thereby gaining valuable experience.

Our Contributors have long experience within the industry and work with us either part time or full time. The advantage for the Contributor is that they manage their own time and work with what they find interesting to work with, and they have the freedom to do what they find is the right thing. Working this way and contributing to an integrated high quality product is very motivating for this type of highly specialised self-driven, and the framework is optimised for flexibility and high performance.

Our Strategic Collaboration Partners provide services and have competence and expertise that make us in ExploCrowd move faster and reach further. An example is Estimages who has velocity models of high quality already made, and with our interpreted regional horizons their Depth Conversion models are even more accurate. We could not achieve this ourselves, within ExploCrowd, but by collaborating and creating win-win situations, this is good business for both parties.


This way we have created an agile organisation with high degree of empowerment and optimised for cost-efficient use of industry leading expertise. The way of working is highly scalable, and can be fitted to increased work load from client projects.


The ExploCrowd Team is racing together, sailing regattas on Wednesdays as often that time allows.

When racing, it is the teamwork and the good spirit on the boat that matters. It is about full concentration, adrenalin and being able to respond quickly to threats and opportunities. It is about optimising the performance on each individual on the boat, train together to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each other so everyone instinctively know where they can contribute when something goes wrong. Because something always goes wrong, such as a sail that could be trimmed a little better a twisted spinnaker, and you have to be prepared for that through ‘training for chaos’.

On certain boats, you can have someone at the helm shouting at the crew, but usually the outcome is bad spirit on the boat and a poor performance - however, to us the road to the target is the priority. It is more important than reaching the target with all means necessary, living up to one of our core values that is integrity.

It is never the person on the helm winning the races. One person can never do it alone. It is when all team members are equal, focused on performance, communicate well, are on the outlook for opportunities and better wind - that is when the boat is performing best. It is when you get the perfect tack, that you feel team satisfaction and little touch of happiness. It is worth fighting for.

We have no problem admitting that we are not top three, and we probably don’t want to pay the price of being there in time and money, but we are there when the competition make mistakes - and we’ll race in StavangerSeilasen Business as defending champions, doing our best to win the beautiful trophy and have it to stay in our office for the next year too.


The Tale of The Orange Colour

The graphical design profile of ExploCrowd is rather clear, with the orange circle symbolising collaboration, and the orange colour highlighting what is important while keeping the rest of the information in black or greyscale. This is an efficient way of communicating, and we observe several companies changing their graphical profile lately.

This is the story of where our orange colour come from.

Many years ago, when we were sailing in the Maersk Sailing Club, we were not impressed by the fact that most of the sailing clothes available was either black or dark blue. If you end up in the water, it is impossible to see you in the big waves, and since we were coming from the oil business, which has a strong safety culture, we were trying to find sailing clothes with safety colours, without much luck.

After a few years, the sailing gear brand Musto started their Fire Orange line, but most regretfully only produced Extreme Offshore Sailing Gear with face protection and such. And we can’t really defend Volvo Ocean Race style for extreme weather equipment while sailing within the Norwegian fjords. We did, however, purchase a couple of bright orange windbreakers for sailing.

We had purchased an old 26 foot Albin Express from 1980, which should be used for sailing regattas outside Stavanger. The old lady was ‘cigarette coloured white’ and had about 300 holes from different owners and equipment solutions over the years - and it needed a massive overhaul. The holes were fixed and top painted white - and then the rest of the boat looked horrible. The solution was to foil the sailing boat in a dark grey ‘stealth’ colour. Out of practical purposes. And it worked really well. We also decided to paint the tiller orange, to highlight what is important when you are sometimes running around the sail boat when handling both ropes and being on the helm - and the orange colour made sure that it was somehow always within focus. It turned out to be really efficient.

When starting up the new ExploCrowd Company, the orange colour was chosen to highlight what was important, and tone down less important details with a greyscale. The graphical profiles has changed through time, simplifying and strengthening the layout, as it will do, when you get better ideas with time. It is a constant evolution. But now you know where our colours come from.