Western Barents Sea Integrated Regional Study

Highly experienced Barents Sea explorers and discipline experts have been assembled to deliver an integrated regional study in an underexplored and little understood frontier region with few well data points. By integrating the work of these experts, the study offers an explanation for the well results as well as new important and attractive findings, including several viable oil plays.

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This study offers a competitive advantage in a challenging market and includes a an interpretation project, a full printed report also available Xait Porter, a half-day presentation of results to the Client Team and two days consultancy to support integration of study.

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Study area covers attractive areas of APA2017 AND 24R


  • A complete re-interpretation of the chronostratigraphic well tops integrated with  the seismic interpretations and observations
  • Innovative re-interpretation of salt tectonic and structural models with detailed fault interpretation at relevant levels important for identifying traps
  • New integrated uplift and erosion analysis resulting in a revised petroleum systems models with significant positive impact
  • Consistent seismic re-interpretation from top Asselian evaporites to seabed
  • Consistent petrophysical analysis
  • Improved understanding of the details of the basin evolution

All observations and new findings are integrated and summarized in a full synthesis into Play Fairway Analysis.

Application-ready report & figures available in Xait Porter,  .pdf format and print.

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Revised deep interpretation has raised mesozoic section significanlty shallower than previous interpretations

Revised structural model has modified basin boundaries and potential trap configurations

New seismic interpretation, tied to chronostratigraphy better explains well results with implications for reservoir potential and petroleum systems analysis

Clear evidence supporting timing of erosion and deposition in Sørvestsnaget Basin

Viable oil plays now identified



The Western Barents Sea Study is delivered as a full report and a DUG Insight interpretation project. All elements from the interpretation study can conveniently be transferred to Petrel using the Petrel Link, if necessary.

Play Fairway Maps, structural maps and fault polygons are available in an ArcGIS project, together with all other relevant results from the study.

Below, you will find a full list of deliverables.